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We design, engineer and manufacture collision mitigation technology optimized for heavy-duty equipment. Our safety products have survived the industry’s most rigorous testing for unstoppable performance in the harshest working conditions imaginable; so operators and fleets can perform with greater confidence and peace of mind



We deliver collision mitigation systems that provide active assistance to heavy-duty equipment operators, detecting what they cannot see so they can avoid costly accidents. We design, engineer, and manufacture our systems in order to provide the most functional and reliable technology possible

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Our products mitigate risk by reducing or eliminating the incidence of preventable collisions, decreasing vehicle downtime, improving the efficiency of work sites, and increasing the brand integrity of our customers’ organizations; all while helping to save money and ultimately keeping people and property around heavy equipment safe and free from harm

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Preco has delivered our company incredible products for the past 4 years. Our work site safety has never been better. We have seen a reduction of backup accidents of 75%, saving our company an estimated $800,000 per year. There is no alternative to Preco's PreView Radar.

JOE C. - Fortune 500 Company
JOE C. - Fortune 500 Company

We installed a test batch of Preco's PreView radar 12 months ago in order to assess the benefit of the Side Object Detection radar for our OTR fleet. Our trucks drive in some of the harshest climates in North America and we had yet to find a SOD radar that could operate effectively. With zero accidents in the first 6 months for our test fleet, we have now installed the PreView SOD radar on our entire fleet

THOMAS M, Fleet Manager
THOMAS M, Fleet Manager