Consistent and Trusted Solutions for the Utility Industry

In many cases, the utility industry operates in fast paced, highly populated environments full of distractions and potentially dangerous situations. Providing blind spot awareness to utility operators allows them to focus on the job at hand; increasing workplace efficiency and reducing potential accidents, vehicle downtime, and legal repercussions.

For vehicles traveling on high traffic urban roadways, the Preview Side Defender®II provides protection for side blind spots. Side Defender®II adds Vulnerable Road User (VRU) awareness to reduce the incidence of collisions with bicycles and motorcycles. PRECO’s PreView Sentry® has been developed with a detection zone that compliments the confinements that often face vehicles in the Utility industry. We also have a wide selection of PreView camera/monitor systems to help ensure your fleet is FMVSS 111 compliant.

Montana-Dakota Utility Company integrates radar and video to maximize safety

Montana-Dakota Utilities Co. values vehicle safety

Montana-Dakota Utilities Co. began searching for a better solution to its large-truck safety systems due to issues they were having with the existing technology’s failure-prone operating system.  According to Kim Hodges, who oversees the company’s fleet maintenance and repairs, they looked at a number of replacement solutions, including one that involved mounting four sensor buttons on each bumper. Concerned that the sensors would be too easily damaged in the course of a normal workday, he kept looking.

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Create a Safety Culture in the Utility Industries

The utility industries play an integral role in everyday life. A lot depends on these men and women. That is why it is so important to create a culture that values working safely. Our free eBook gives you some helpful tips on how to create and maintain a safety culture.

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Safety Technology Mandates - FMVSS 111

Every year, thousands of people die in traffic accidents involving large trucks. Protecting your equipment, operators, and the public is imperative to running an efficient fleet. Our latest eBook explains how the NHTSA FMVSS 111 Rear Visibility Mandate may affect your fleet.

Eugene Water & Electric finds that some old cameras just don’t make the grade anymore…

Back Up Camera Testing

“Our calculations from the tests we ran showed that a backup camera’s view range needed to be at least 170 degrees to meet the new standards. Other cameras we looked at had ranges between 130-150 degrees—not enough to provide the required close-up view behind the vehicle. We did our research and found that PRECO’s PreView Mini Cam could go all the way up to 180 degrees—and met the response time criteria as well.”

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Protecting Vulnerable Road Users with Side Object Detection

Given the catastrophic results of an incident involving a large vehicle versus a Vulnerable Road User such as a bicyclist, pedestrian, or motorcyclist, collisions and the difficulties of protecting these VRUs, learn how acting proactively and utilizing Side Object Detection Technology can reverse a troubling trend and save lives.