PreView SAS 97 Reverse Alarm

When PreView SAS 97 is paired with our collision avoidance radar it provides equipment operators with both an internal and external warning system. The SAS 97 alarm will increase in frequency the closer the vehicle gets to a detected object. This creates awareness for workers outside the equipment as well as the operator.


See How PreView SAS 97 Works

Watch as PreView SAS and SAS 97 work with our radars to combat alarm fatigue on busy worksites.

Technical Specifications

  • Available for multiple detection areas
  • SAS 97 includes the following components: PreView Sensor, In-Cab Display, Cables, and SAS 97 reverse alarm
  • Backup alarm pulse rate: 80 pulses/minute
  • Detection pulse rate: 10 pulses/sec
  • Current Draw: Less than .25 AMP
PreView SAS 97 Backup alarm

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The SAS 97 works in conjunction with PreView Radar. Traditional backup alarms are generally triggered any time a piece of equipment is backing up and remains at the same frequency and noise level. This can lead to alarm fatigue and reduces the effect of the alarm. PreView SAS 97 is triggered when put in reverse and increases in frequency when something has been detected by the radar. This helps reduce alarm fatigue and increases the safety effect of the alarm.