PreView Monitor 5 LD

Light and medium-duty vehicles are often employed in stop-and-go delivery or repair operations. These vehicles require a vision system that will protect their blind zones from the vehicle damage that is common when operating in busy urban environments.

The PreView Monitor 5 LD is our 5″ light-duty vehicle backup monitor offering. Best suited for on-road, closed cab use it is a cost-effective option that provides much-needed vision in vehicle blind spots.

PreView Mirror Monitor can be paired with any one of our camera options. Our Mini Cam offers three wide field of view options and our Heavy-Duty Cam is built to withstand challenging environmental conditions.

5 inch backup camera monitor system for light and medium duty vehicles
delivery truck with PreView Blind Spot Protection System

Technical Specifications

• 5-inch vehicle backup monitor with LCD display
• 16:9 image ratio
• Multi-language selection
• Dimensions: 5.5(W) X 3.27(H) X 0.78(H)
• Single camera input
• 800 X 480 resolution

Radar + Vision = Complete Safety

For an uncompromising safety solution, we suggest adding our rugged collision warning radar to your backup camera system. While extremely useful, a backup camera system is a passive technology. Our active radar technology fills in the gaps and ensures that your blind spots are completely covered. Our radars come with an LED display that audibly and visually warns the driver when an object or person has been detected.

Bucket truck with radar and backup camera