PreView Mirror Monitor

PreView Mirror Monitor offers your fleet a safety option that doesn’t eat up valuable cab space. Our rear view Mirror Monitor automatically adjusts to any lighting conditions so your operators always have a clear view of what’s in their blind spot. With optional guidelines, the rear view Mirror Monitor can help drivers estimate their distance from obstacles.

PreView Mirror Monitor can be paired with any one of our camera options. Our Mini Cam offers three wide field of view options and our Heavy-Duty Cam is built to withstand challenging environmental conditions.

4.3 inch backing aid monitor for light to medium duty fleets
PreView Mirror Monitor Safety System

Technical Specifications

• Backup camera display – triggered video input
• Automatic brightness adjustment
• 2-way video inputs, 1 triggered
• Display screen: TFT-LCD
• 480 X 272 resolution
• 4.3″ (127mm) screen size

Radar + Vision = Complete Safety

For an unbeatable safety solution, we recommend adding our rugged collision avoidance radar to your rear view mirror monitor. Our PreView Radar fills in the gaps and assures your blind spots are completely covered. Our active blind spot monitoring radars come with an LED display that audibly and visually warns the driver when an object or person has been detected.

Bucket truck with radar and backup camera