PreView Mini Cam

The PreView Mini Cam was developed to deliver flexible field of view options. Our wide field of view back up camera comes in 120°, 150°, and 180° options. This compact camera provides your equipment and vehicle operators with the blind spot monitoring solution they need for safe, efficient operations.

PreView Mini Cam can be paired with any one of our monitor options. If your cab space is limited we have two 5-inch monitors and a 4.3″ mirror monitor. If you need a larger screen than our heavy-duty 7-inch monitor will suit your needs perfectly.

PreView Mini Cam Wide Field of View backup Camera
PreView Mini Cam Backup camera

Technical Specifications

• 1/3” (520,000Pixel) 960H color CMOS
• Wide viewing angle
• 700 TV lines of resolution
• Compact size
• Metal housing
• Waterproof (IP67)

Radar + Vision = Total Safety

For an uncompromising safety solution, we suggest adding our rugged blind spot monitoring radar to your camera-monitor system. A vision system only goes so far. Our radar fills in the gaps and makes sure that your blind spots are completely covered. Our radars come with an LED display that audibly and visually warns the driver when an object or person has been detected.

Bucket truck with radar and backup camera