PreView Heavy-Duty Cam

The PreView heavy-duty back up camera was built to withstand daily environmental abuse. Mining and construction operations are especially demanding on sensitive technologies like cameras. Our Heavy-Duty Cam has an environmentally sealed housing with an IP-67 protection rating to endure whatever comes its way. It has six IR LED lights for optimal low light operation.

PreView Heavy-Duty Cam can be paired with any one of our monitor options. If you’re tight on cab space we have two 5-inch monitors and a mirror monitor. If you desire a larger screen then our heavy-duty 7-inch monitor will suit your needs perfectly.

Heavy-duty backup camera with low light functionality
Haul trucks in mining environment

Technical Specifications

• 1/3” 960H color CCD image sensor
• 6 IR LEDs for low light performance
• Waterproof IP-67
• Built-in heater
• Aluminum die-cast housing
• Photo sensor

Radar + Vision = Complete Safety

For an uncompromising safety solution, we suggest adding our rugged collision avoidance radar to your PreView heavy-duty back up camera system. Our radar fills in the gaps your camera can’t see and ensures that your blind spots are completely covered. Our radars come with an LED display that audibly and visually warns the driver when an object or person has been detected.

Bucket truck with radar and backup camera