PreView Plus


With a direct connection from the sensor to PreView Plus, operators are provided with a single-system solution for active blind spot detection and visual clarification.

PreView Monitor 5 HD

5 inch backup camera monitor system for heavy-duty equipment

Our heavy-duty 5″ monitor is waterproof and can support up to three cameras. The monitor can switch between all three camera views when turn signals or reverse is engaged.

PreView Monitor 5 LD

5 inch backup camera monitor system for light and medium duty vehicles

Our light-duty monitor is best suited for enclosed cab use. Great for on-road fleet vehicles that don’t require a weather resistant outer shell.

PreView HD Cam

PreView Heavy-Duty Camera-Safety-Solution

Built to withstand the cold and rain so your drivers are never without sight in their blind spots. The PreView HD Cam operates in low light and has a built-in heater to help keep weather conditions at bay.

PreView Mini Cam

PreView Mini Cam Wide Field of View backup Camera

With three field of view options – 120°/150°/180° – this compact camera allows for easy 360-degree blind spot coverage with the addition of multiple cameras.

Already have a vision system?

Turn your existing camera monitor system into an active safety system

PreView VideoLink provides the intelligent technology to connect existing camera monitor systems to PRECO radar. Adding radar-based object detection technology to your blind spot reduction system ensures an uncompromising safety solution.

Add Object Detection to Your Vision System

Did you know that camera monitor systems are classified as a “passive safety technology“? Passive safety technology requires operator engagement to be successful. This makes sense, right? Your monitor isn’t going to alert you to a person or object in your path. You have to be viewing your monitor to see that person or object.

Combining vision systems with active safety systems, such as PRECO object detection radar, provide equipment operators with active alerts (alerts that don’t require their engagement) so they can avoid potential collisions with people or property.

That’s what we like to call the PRECO one-two safety punch.