Extreme Environments Call for Reliable Safety Solutions

With trucks measuring over 40’ (12.5m) long, 25’ (7.5m) wide and 18’ (5.5m) high, the blind zones on mining equipment are potentially immense—some vehicles can even have full 360° blind zones. PRECO provides solutions that utilize a combination of PRECO’s PreView® Xtreme radar, PreView Sentry® radar, and PreView Plus camera/monitor system in order to help eliminate costly collisions and vehicle downtime.

Radar Gives Mining Loader Operators Just the Right Amount of Warning

Sterling Ventures Mine

Sterling Ventures, LLC runs a 1,000-acre underground limestone mine in Verona, Kentucky. In this dusty, sometimes cramped, 3-level environment, 16-ton L220 loaders must carefully navigate around obstacles to get the limestone into haul trucks. If an operator backs into one of the 50-foot-wide ribs that support the mining area, damage to the vehicle’s counterweights can cost as much as $30,000 to repair or replace. Sterling mounted PRECO’s PreView® Radar on the back of one such loader, and that machine hasn’t been involved in a single accident since. With its pilot test successful, Sterling is ready to install the PreView systems on the rest of its L220 loaders.

Haul Truck Safety

Global Mining Company Cuts Costly Vehicle Collisions In Half in Two Years

Imerys S.A. Mining

Large haul trucks in tight spaces increases the chance of property damage events. “These haul trucks can hit things and not even know it,” Coggin says. “They’re big, they’re rigid, and they’re usually carrying so much weight that the operators can’t always tell if they’ve struck another vehicle, an out-building, or another piece of mining equipment.”

The financial loss continues well after the actual crash, Coggin says. “The cost of a collision is not just the damage to the equipment. “We have an accident investigation to complete and then a post-accident drug test.  The time to perform a drug test can cost in excess of $1,000.00 due to transport of the individual to the off-site facility.”

Fatigue Monitoring & Collision Avoidance Technologies

Mine Safety - PreView Xtreme

If you want to get a sense of just how big open-pit haul trucks can get, consider this: These behemoths need as many as eight radar sensors and cameras to know what’s in front, along with the sides, and behind the truck. To help operators avoid collisions, a leader in accurate fatigue and distraction monitoring systems, brought together advanced technologies to create a powerful collision avoidance solution. When the company wanted to integrate radar sensing to complete its solution, it chose PRECO Electronics®—not only because of its advanced collision avoidance technology but because of PRECO’s reputation for high-quality and service.