Extreme Environments Call for an Xtreme® Solution

No industry has a greater need for blind zone object detection than the above ground mining industry. With trucks measuring over 40’ (12.5m) long, 25’ (7.5m) wide and 18’ (5.5m) high, the blind zones are potentially immense—in some cases there exist 360° blind zones. PRECO provides solutions that utilize a combination of PRECO’s PreView® Xtreme radar (with a coverage reach of 33’ (10m), WorkSight radar, Plus camera/monitor systems, and Safety Alert System (SAS) alarm in order to eliminate costly accidents and vehicle downtime.

As with all PRECO’s PreView® products, our Xtreme® Radar is built for the most austere environments on the planet. The Xtreme is tested to operate consistently with up to 50 Gs of shock, far exceeding industry requirements. When combined with our other PreView products, this is the ultimate solution for above ground mining.

Since each vehicle type has different needs, we recommend contacting a PRECO Safety Specialist to discuss the specific requirements of your vehicles.