Why Purpose-Built Safety Technology Makes Sense

As customers continue to demand driver awareness, assistance, and autonomous features to improve safety — regulatory and societal pressure trends point to the expansion of OEMs offering these solutions as optional and standard features. Today, this expansion points in the direction of Radar sensors as one of the key solution elements.

Sensor adoption has been steadily growing within the automotive industry for over a decade — which is why it is no surprise many solutions available today, like camera and radar, are directly transferred from the automotive space and repurposed for heavy-duty applications. The problem with repurposed sensors is that such systems are often not flexible enough to support the unique use-cases of the different mounting and performance requirements found in the heavy-duty space.

When sensors are sourced from the automotive space and used in general heavy-duty equipment, like construction machines, cement mixers, and waste and utility trucks, they often lack standard flexible configurations, which end up costing more to modify than it would be to adopt configurable systems, like PRECO’s PreView® Radar

These repurposed systems may need to be heavily supported by the vehicle, and many times need in-depth integration with the vehicle’s CAN-bus — in addition, requiring a specific set installation point. Whereas PRECO purpose builds its sensors for these vehicles, with a rather large installation window, and support for easy integration with the vehicle’s CAN-bus. 

This is why the OEM and heavy-duty industries are beginning to look to purpose-built safety solutions tailored to their unique needs.

Understanding PRECO’s Purpose-Built Solutions

At PRECO, a Sensata company, our radar solutions are purpose-built from the ground up to address the specific problems and use-cases of the OEM and heavy-duty on- and off-road applications. As one of the only providers of such purpose-built solutions, our radar-based safety systems surpass repurposed automotive sensors in virtually every category. 

PreView Side Defender®II serves as one such example — ranked as the number one side turn assistance system by the ADAC testing service comparison conducted in the European Union (EU) in 2019.

PRECO designs, develops, and manufactures its radar systems from start to finish. This includes the hardware, data processing, and application software that provides the full function system application. In addition, we specialize in integrating our sensors with other systems including Camera Monitor System (CMS) / Human Machine Interface (HMI), vehicle control systems, and sensor fusion. Paired with the environmental and electrical hardening designed into each PreView Radar, PRECO solutions offer exceptional performance and flexibility in a package that can outlast the life of the equipment on which they’re installed.

All PRECO systems are tested to relevant international standards and approved for use in virtually all markets including North America, Europe, Japan, South Africa, Australia, India, and many others. 

PreView Side Defender®II And PreView Sentry®X Are Two Examples of PRECO’s Purpose-Built Systems

As incident rates involving bicyclists, pedestrians, and other VRU (Vulnerable Road User) and right turning trucks and busses in the EU, governments began demanding the improvement of on-road VRU protection and vehicle safety. 

Looking to reverse the increasing trends, Germany passed Abbiegeassistent (turn assist) requirements in 2019, calling all OEM and aftermarket medium and heavy-duty trucks install side-assistance sensors. To meet these new safety standards, PRECO’s engineering team improved upon our original PreView Side Defender® lane change technology — introducing the award-winning PreView Side Defender®II, one of PRECO’s latest purpose-built radar solutions. All of the EU has passed similar regulations called General Safety Regulations beginning in 2022.

Designed to address the VRU side blind spot incidents in crowded urban environments, the Side Defender®II filters out stationary objects while alerting the driver when there is a slow-speed moving object such as a bicyclist, to the side of the vehicle.

  • Fulfills all requirements and recommendations for Abbiegeassistent in the EU, according to the traffic journal of the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI)
  • TÜV certified
  • Rated number one side turn assistance system available in a 2019 comparison conducted by the ADAC testing service in the EU

As part of the Side Defender®II system, the PreView® v2 in-cab display equips operators with intuitive audible and visual alerts while offering flexible operational configurability and quick system installations.

PreView Sentry®X, is the most recent example of PRECO’s purpose-built solutions — designed to improve situational awareness for operators of large haul trucks. 

Using the award-winning PreView Sentry® platform, PRECO created Sentry®X with a narrow, horizontal field of view designed to support recessed and other unique installation points common on heavy-duty equipment. 

  • Includes the same adjustable detection zones in both range and width of the original Sentry system — meeting customer demands
  • Operates in the globally approved 200 MHz section of the 24 GHz RF band to support North America, Europe, India, and Japan along with the rest-of-the-world markets

Building Radar Safety Solutions for the Heavy-Duty, OEM Industries

Recognizing the broad and diverse safety needs of the heavy-duty equipment industry, PRECO has dedicated itself to creating specific solutions for the issues inherent to this market. 

 With the flexibility to define radar systems for existing equipment, bodybuilders, OEM X Factory machinery, and the aftermarket, PRECO’s sensor-rich systems embody the best features and functions for heavy-duty machines and vehicles.