Heavy Duty Solutions for the Construction Industry

PRECO provides¬†complete safety solutions for the wide variety of construction vehicle types. Operating in extreme environments, construction vehicles require safety solutions that can operate effectively regardless of environmental elements. With PRECO’s safety solutions in place, operators of construction equipment can focus on the job at hand, knowing that they will be notified if a person or object is in their blind zone.

Blind zone safety starts with PRECO’s patented pulsed radar. For most construction vehicles, one or more of PRECO’s PreView WorkSight radar, combined with the PreView Plus camera/monitor system for in-cab visuals and the PreView Safety Alerts System (an alarm that delivers an external audible warning) will provide the best possible blind zone safety solution.

Since each vehicle type has different needs, we recommend contacting a PRECO Safety Specialist to discuss the specific requirements of your vehicles.

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